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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> a deadly shooting in oakland. claims a man's life. we bring you the crime scene and what police are saying about the victims connection to the shooting. two people hurt one critically after a ferry and boat collide in the bay. we hear from witnesses to the crash that's now under investigation. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> investigation underway tonight in oakland as people investigate a deadly shooting, one person pronounced dead at the scene. >> you're looking at video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the shooting happened just before five in west oakland on 8th street near chester. kron 4's alecia reid was at the scene and gives us the latest. >> reporter: police say he was an innocent bystander. he was standing in front of this house when he got caught in the middle of the crossfire. police say he was shot 5 times and they recovered 36 shell casings. they've determined there were 2 shooters after finding cases from 2
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different calibers. this gray pontiac across the street was also hit twice - once in the windshield and door. police say the barrage of bullets were discharged just before 5 oclock in the eveniing. police say this shooting is connected to another weeks ago on chester street. >> tonight the coast guard is collided with a small boat injuring two peoplethe golden gate ferry had just left sausalito on it's way to pier one in san francisco when the accident happened kron 4's scott rates was on the ground and brings us the dramatic scene. been of this was our kron 4 pm in the racccoon stra its had just left sausalito luckily, nobody on the ferry was hurt but the two people on the smaller boat were
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hurt. a doctor and nurse went from the ferry boat onto the smaller boat. this woman just sat down. >> we saw the coast guard coming in. and that is what we realized that there must be an accident on the water. they were dragging that boat with them it was pretty smashed up. one person was still below the boat and he was not in the best shape. another person was on the coast guard receiving cpr. >> reporter: that boat is being investigated by the army going of engineers in sausalito. those two people were taken to local hospital and one person is in critical condition. scott rates, kron 4. >> another developing story out of treasure island where
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an apartment fire claims the life of a 10-year-old girl. kron 4's mike pelton was at the scene and describes a community effort to try and save the girl's life. a muni bus collided with a person near the southern end of lake merced this afternoon. it was just before 4:30 when >> a got to the first flight of stairs and i burned my arm. >> like up on that spring of fire extinguishers. and i was not getting that far as i kept seeing the black smoke. the but the flames for, god of all the windows and doors. >> this caught fire 12:30 saturday morning one of these units but that little girl was not able to escape. >> the baby was crying and yelling. and i could not go back and. the class was blowing up. and one the top
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blew up i could not hear her anymore. >> reporter: this child and the metal, was the one who did not make it. >> and i pray for the family of our community is pretty tight. >> at the time we have alatas is a tragedy. more because we are all parents. >> reporter: they are trying to determine the cause that took two hours to get under control. the red cross will help 30 people like jerry johnson. >> we could hear and see everything. losing an apartment is far different than losing a loved one. >> the story speaks for itself a 10 year old. >> reporter: those displaced will receive assistance on a new place to live. treasure island, kron 4.
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>> this muni bus on lake merced boulevard. just before 4:30 the outbound 18 struck a pedestrian at lake merced boulevard and john muir drive near daly city. the pedestrian was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. as part of the investigation the driver will undergo a drug and alcohol test. an antioch man is suffering from a major head injury tonight after driving his brand new 2013 harley davidson through a wall. it was shortly before 6:30 this evening when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed through the wall of his neighbors garage. he was attempting to pull into his own garage when he lost control. no one was home at theim of the accident. the victim was not wearing a helmet and was transported to a nearby hospital. >> a bit of a change. with the fog pushing into the
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city. and a cool, all as vehicle for the north bay valleys. given way to sunshine. and for the afternoon look for sunny skies. with low mid 60s. 40's all of the bay. and upper 30's and low 40's by the bay. as the go for the afternoon, it will warm of but not quite as much. the futurecast. look for highs in the 40's and 50's with 60s by the bay. cooler for
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next week and a stormy weather. >> coming up on the kron 4 news at 11. buyer beware - be careful of buying a used car from the east coast.we'll tell you why it's a bad idea. the state of state parks. we take a look at the cost to keep parks open to the public this summer. hackers break into we'll see if any of your personal information is compromised.
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>> consumer alert. auto experts warning buyers against purchasing used cars coming from the east coast. kron four's philippe djegal explains why auction cars could be a bad buy. and, what steps you should take before making a final purchase. these used cars at royal motors in san francisco are all certified. meaning the manufacturer has inspected them, they're refurbished. and, they come with an extended warranty. general sales manager chris schniegenberg says 98- percent of his cars are also from the west coast. he warns buyers to always purchase certified used cars. and, stay away from cars coming from the east coast. which are often sold at a much higher cost than they're actually worth. interior damage and engine flooding. schniegenberg says those are just a few of the issues that pop up with hurricaine riddled cars. he says always do a background checkm by getting a carfax. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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a bomb blast kills more than 80 people injuring 160 others. we'll take you to that pakastani city where officials are trying to find out who's responsible for the carnage. and the meteor that fell
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from the sky. we take a look at a massive clean up going on in the russian city shattered by skyfall. that's all next.
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over the past few years. bart has seen its ridership numbers rise dramatically. to accommodate the large crowds. the agency is now considering renovating two of san francisco's busiest stations. kron 4's charles clifford shows us what could be in store. >> reporter: on an average day, more than 360 thousands people ride bart. on special event days, such as the giants world series celebration, ridership can exceed 500,000 people. the two busiest stations in san francsico are the embarcadero and montgomery platforms, which can be shoulder to shoulder during rush hour. because ridership is expected to keep going up and because small problems at either of these station can back up the entire system, bart is considering making substantial alterations the changes could include adding more elevators, stairways, and possibly putting in sliding glass doors to control flows onto and off of trains. they may also dig new tunnels and add additional platforms to create what are called saddlebag platforms...where people can enter and exit trains on both sides. the renovations would take about 5 years to completed and cost upwards of 600 millions dollars. bart also
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says that the work could be done without stopping service. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> facebook says it was recently hacked. even though it says no data about its more than a billion users was compromised. the company said today that the attack was sophisticated. it took place back in january after a small number of employees visited a compromised website that installed malware on their machines. facebook. which is the largest social network in the world. is the latest high-profile site to be hacked this year. earlier this month twitter announced a similar attack. >> sunshine with high clouds. and temperatures in the upper 60's and 70's. ho nice, warm temperatures are the thing of the past. it is going to be cooler. clear if you are looking east towards emeryville. and looking west
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there is a fog for tonight that is cooling things it down. as we get for the early morning hours those clouds will be into the bay. the north bay and for tomorrow, a gray start. however, sunshine and a sea breeze. that will be nearly 30 m.p.h. and because the wind is coming off from the ocean, the highs will be low mid 60s. for next week, big changes. the weather pattern is going to come out of the gulf of alaska. cooler weather. and the chance for rain fall tuesday, thursday. the big story will be the wind and the cooler temperatures. with 50s. temperatures speaking only in the 40's. the fog tracker, showing the bay fog
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and the north bay. most of that cloudiness will be out by 10:00 a.m. but that will depart. back to the ocean and look for sunshine. and for the sierras. increasing for monday, tuesday. the gulf of alaska will bring sierras. temperatures for the bay area look for low mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. 60s in redwood city. and a bit warmer inland. 60s in concord, livermore. for the north bay temperatures in the 60s with the 65 degrees in oakland, berkeley, san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the winter will return this week mid- 50s. mostly cloudy skies.
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and rainy and cold 40's and 50's. >> due to lack of funding three parks in marin county were in danger of getting shut down. but as kron 4's jeff pierce save them. >> well a couple years ago it looked pretty shakey. >> reporter: china camp state park in close when the state park system was battered by state >> we have been in triage >> reporter: historical china camp of the best single track mountain bike trails in the bay area, trails the tamalpais high school mountain bike team train on. >> we weren't allowed to come last year when the park was getting ready to close, rangers just didn't want us
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to come and hang out at the park. >> reporter: but concerned citizens of marin raised nearly a million dollars to save china camp from closure, money that was matched by another million dollars from state parks. saturday those fund raising groups signed a partnership with the state park system to formalize that agreement. that matching money, which was part of the undisclosed funds embarassingly discovered nearly two years ago in the state parks budget, will bring enough funding for three marin county parks to stay open for two and a half years. >> china camp, olompali, and samuel p. taylor. three parks that were on the chopping block two years ago. >> reporter: as welcome as those funds may be, state matching funds will not be available in the future and state park officials realize that partnerships with local groups will be essential in saving a park. >> we don't know if that's going to be every single case but surely it is an option because partnerships are definitely here to stay. >> reporter: those organizations that came up with the private funding know they will have to play an even larger role two
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years from now. >> we are using this very valuable window to help the park become selfsupporting financially that's the only thing that can save the parks. at china camp in marin, jeff pierce-kron four news >> pakistani officials say at least 81 people were killed and more than 160 others were wounded when a bomb exploded in a market in pakistan today. the bomb was hidden in a water tank at a vegetable market in the town of quetta. many victims were buried under rubble and it's uncertain at this time how many there may be. most of the wounded are in critical condition. the police say that the neighborhood is mostly shiite. they have been increasingly targeted by militant groups who view them as heretics and non-muslims. residents of chelyabinsk, russia are struggling to return to normal, after a meteor strike that shattered windows and rattled nerves. the sonic boom and resulting pressure wave collapsed doors and storefronts. more than a thousand people were injured. the estimated cost to the damage is 33-million-
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dollars. authorities have sealed off a frozen lake, where at least some of the fireball appeared to have fallen. but so far, divers have found no trace of the meteor. >> "everyone fall down like this, and ground shake a little." >> the cleanup in chelyabinsk continues. more than 24-thousand people are working in the cold weather to cover windows and gather clothes and food. teams of investigators are now sifting through the carnival cruise ship looking for what may have caused the fire that stranded the boat at sea. susan candiotti is in mobile alabama with the very latest. >> reporter: you can see the ship in the backyard behind to beat. to give you a sen leaked size, fun it is the size-of three football fields. it is the emphasize. they have a lot of work ahead of them as they are will to go. where the fire
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could have started. they have to go all the systems. they have already spoken with past dollars and the four. and there as they have ree with pass the house. but that could be a risky road if they want to try to regain power. but probably the safest bank was just what they did. >> reporter: investigators will also investigate the voice data between crew members and brdige tender.
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this investigation will take some time possibly one year before a final report is the chute. fight or report is issue. before a final report is issued. >> coming up the san francisco giants.
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with the superbowl behind us. it's time to hit the baseball field. coming up, we'll follow the san francisco giants to spring training and see how the team is stacking up. the golden state warriors haven't had an all-star since latrell sprewell was selected in 1997. that drought ended this year with david lee being selected to the festivities. however today stephen curry participated in the leagues three-point contest. curry played admirably but only scored 17 points. the contests top honors went to cleveland cavalier kyrie irving. who scored 23 points in the final round. baseball season is back for the giants! pitchers and catchers reported on monday and the rest of the position players showed up yesterday. today the team held their first practice. there were new faces and old faces. among them was andres torres. a member of the 2010 world championship team. is back and ready for more. the giants play their first spring training game on february 23rd against their longtime rivals the los angeles dodgers. such high and cooler


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